Partition Editor Resize

Free Picture Resize Starter
Free picture resize software tool, convert resize optimize jpegs photos images.
Bidgood Svcs
Easily resize and convert a number of images at once!
Fast & easy photo editor - rotate, resize, crop, correct color & remove red-eye.
Ace Imaging Software

Partition Editor Resize

Resize Pilot Trial
Resize Pilot can resize your images without loosing the image quality.
Two Pilots
Resize Your Picture
Resize images effortlessly with powerful and smart Resize Your Picture.
Bred Tan
Resize Browser
It can resize any browser type or any program within windows.
RJL Software, Inc.
PicTrix - Resize
Resize multiple files to a maximum length independent from their orientation.
Daniel GroƟ
A simple and light editor that allows you to scale, resize and trim your images.
Resize Pictures for Command Line
Is a comprehensive and powerful pictures processing utility.
Angel Software
Easy-to-use image resizing program that is packed with features.
Image Resize
With Image Resize, resize as you want thousands photos in few clicks.
Eitbit Picture Resize
With Eitbit Picture Resize you can resize several pictures at once.
Resize Magic
Software that resizes images with a high quality algorithm.
FSoft srl

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Partition Editor Resize

Elfin Photo Editor
Easy image editor and optimizer with special effects, frames and text.
Photo Editor Software
Image Resizer for Windows
Image Resizer for Windows offers an easy and quick manner to resize pictures.
Brice Lambson
Photomagia Resize Free
Software that provides easy way to resize photos.
Yaroslav Chernykh
TPD Picture Resizer Pro
TPD Picture Resizer is a tool which does batch image resizing.
The Professional Developer
Resize Images To Same Height and Width Software
resize the dimensions of multiple photos / pictures / images to be the same.
Free Image Resize
Program that can batch resize and convert images.
DoPic, Inc.
Free Partition Manager
Resize/move partitions, such as extend NTFS system partition without rebooting.